Defect Reports

This type of report is most suitable if there are particular defects with a property that require further investigation.

A Defect Report will look in more detail at the issues involved whether it is an issue with damp, cracking, or the structural integrity of a building. The report will only cover this specific aspect of the property. Our investigations would be similar to how we conduct a Building Survey.

Our inspection will be visual both internally and externally using non-invasive techniques. In most cases we will be able to give you a good indication as to the likely causes of these defects and any necessary further investigations which may be required.

Dilapidation Reports

Dilapidation Reports

A Dilapidation Report details the condition of a property, effectively setting out a record at a given point in time. The report can be related to obligations to repair to identify whether such obligations have been met or to create a base point, or marker, for future comparison against obligations. The report relates to significant case Law under the Law of Dilapidations.